San Francisco Ski Club

2011/2012 Board Member Position Descriptions

( Practical Version )



The SF Ski Club Board has re-defined the Board Member roles and responsibilities for 2011/2012 as follows.  Note that the Directors of Activities and Membership will form committees to manage their respective functions.



·         Serves as chief representative of the club

·         Provides general supervision and direction for the club

·         Sets the agenda and presides over club meetings and Board meetings

·         Actively participates in a large number of Ski Club activities for PR and member relations purposes.

·         Meets with other Bay Area Singles League ski club Presidents to promote collaboration between ski clubs.


Vice President

·         In the absence of the president, is the chief representative and presides at  club meetings and board meetings

·         Member of the club Finance committee and responsible for club insurance

·         Represents SF Ski Club at Singles League meetings

·         Coordinates with Activities Committee to publicize and manage ticket sales for SL events and recruit people to assist with annual Snowball

·         Responsible for the annual Board elections

·         Participates in club PR, advertising and marketing as required

·         Actively participates in a large number of Ski Club activities for PR and member relations purposes.



·         Responsible for the fiscal health of the Club.  Establishes and maintains budgets, tracks all spending, pays all bills.

·         Maintains financial reports including The Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Statement, Check Register, and other reports as necessary.  Prepares and distributes Treasurer’s Report prior to monthly Board meetings.  Alerts the Board to any potential or actual financial issues.

·         Member of the Finance Committee.  Leads the annual budgeting and financial planning activities.

·         Provides recommendations regarding investment of club funds

·         Oversees club activities/events from a financial standpoint. Consults with Activities Director/Leaders to develop budgets for all activities that require expenditure of club funds in advance of collection of income from participants.

·         Reviews all invoices, Check Requests and Accountability Reports of all club activities/events.   Pays all invoices and check requests in a timely manner.

·         Makes copies of all checks received and makes timely deposits of all income.  Executes a reconciliation of monthly bank statements.

·         Investigates what Ski Club tax filings are appropriate and prepares/files such forms.  Files income taxes prior to October 15th.




·         Responsible for making the official record "Minutes" of the Board proceedings, issues and decisions, and distributing minutes to the Board Members immediately after each Board meeting.

·         Takes and transcribes notes from monthly Board meetings

·         Handles all official club correspondence and any general queries that come through our website or from our members.

·         Maintains supply of official club stationery and supplies

·         Maintains club property inventory list.


Director of Activities

·         Chairs the Activities Committee that is responsible for planning, scheduling, publicizing, and managing all SF Ski Club activities, events, meetings, social meetings, TGIFs, and ski trips, including the Annual Spring Banquet.  The committee also coordinates cabin reservations with other clubs that have cabin space at Tahoe.

·         Hosts event planning meetings and develops and maintains the Activities Calendar.

·         Recruits members to participate on the Activities Committee and to lead activities and trips.

·         Ensures that the activities/events represent  broad and diverse interests of club members, are well run,  and have a high degree of participation among our membership.

·         As a member of the Finance Committee, ensures that activities and events are financially sound.   Provides financial advice to other activity leaders.

·         Responsible for updating the activity calendar and event postings on the Club's Web site and Meetup site    Also distributes as appropriate, e-mail blasts alerting members to select  activities.

·         Announces club activities at club meetings.


Director of Membership

·         Chairs the Membership Committee that works toward building and retaining club members

·         Keeps a database of membership and maintains/distributes club roster

·         Organizes the annual New Member Open House and any other new member welcome events

·         Welcomes and introduces new/prospective members at club meetings, and answers questions about membership.

·         Distributes new member applications; reviews them and presents a summary of new memberships at Board meetings

·         Oversees annual membership drive and membership renewal process

·         Provides welcome packets to orient new members to the Club and get them excited about being a member.

·         Manages the Club’s Yahoo email distribution lists


Director of Racing

·         Publicize/promote participation in the club's race team

·         Represents SF Ski Club at Singles League Racing meetings

·         Helps plan/host the annual "Racey Affair" event

·         Creates/submits race expenses budget to the Board

·         Registers SL racers at weekend races

·         Coordinates with other clubs’ Racing Directors to keep race records, set schedules, award winners.


Bay Area Council (BAC) Rep

·         Represents SF Ski Club at BAC meetings and serves as the liaison between the club and BAC

·         Publicizes BAC events at club meetings and through email communications to members.  Coordinates with Activities Committee to post BAC events and trips on the Club’s website and Activities Calendar.

·         Sells/handles tickets for BAC events

·         Administers the discount lift ticket program



·         Keeps San Francisco Ski Club website  and Meetup site up-to-date with club and league information

·         Posts event announcements and news provided by designated Board members

·         Adds graphics/photographs to keep members informed and make the site attractive and engaging for members, prospective new members

·         Responsible for maintaining the Club’s website and ensuring that it functions properly.

·         Oversees the design and implementation of website enhancements or new capabilities.


Past President

·         Serves as mentor and guidance resource to the current President