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How to Buy Gear
How to buy boots
! Southern Ski - How to find the right ski boot and a master bootfitter
! Boot finder by; answer questions and the Boot Finder suggests boots you may like.
! ABB certified boot-fitting shops and what they are.  
! Ski boot opinions on

How to buy skis

! How to choose Alpine skis by REI

! How to buy Alpine skis by SportMart

! Ski finder by; 
answer questions and the Ski Finder suggests skis you may like.  

! Top-selling skis by

! Opinions regarding skis on

How to buy a helmet

! How to buy ski helmets by FogDog Sports

! How to buy a snowboard or ski helmet by

! How to buy ski helmets by SportMart

How to buy a snowboard

! How to buy a snowboard by FogDog Sports

! How to choose a snowboard by REI

! How to buy a snowboard by

! How to buy a snowboard by SportMart

Ski & Snowboard Tips

Skiing Etiquette
  Of course, obey the standard rules about staying in control, the downhill person having right of way, looking uphill before resuming skiing/boarding, etc.  
When passing someone fairly closely, call out "On your left" or "On your right". 
Try to stay away from other skiers and boarders.  Also, if other skiers/boarders may be passing you, use only part of the piste for your turns if possible.  (Use only the left-hand 1/3 of the run, for example.)
This is more a safety issue, but if you are tired, skip that last run or two of the day.  
When skiing in a group:  
Be sure everyone is clear about which chairlift you are going to before starting the run.  Also, the default is to gather at the bottom of that chairlift if people get separated.  If you want to gather at the top, you need to say so. 
The leader(s) should stop at each trail divide (or more often if needed) so that no one takes the wrong trail.  
  Be sure to let the slowest skier(s) have time to rest at each stop.  
If you have a significantly slower skier in the group, have a better skier bring up the rear in case they need help.  
If visibility is poor, designate a leader and a "caboose"; they should be among the better skiers in the group.  No one should ever pass the leader and the "caboose" should always be last.  Be sure to rotate the "caboose" position.  
Try to make sure no one in the group has to go up the chairlift by themselves.  
Be sure to tell the others if you decide to leave a group!
No whining!  On the other hand, tell the group if you need to slow down, take more rests, etc. 

Bay Area Ski Bus

  Want to go skiing for just a day but don't want to drive?
  Check out the
Bay Area Ski Bus.
  Note:  this business has NO affiliation with the Ski Club, and the Club does not endorse this service.  This link is provided solely as a courtesy. 
  Club member Len says:  "I did the ski bus....  Man it was a good deal.  For 95 bucks it included the bus ride up to Northstar and return plus lift ticket plus breakfast snack.  On the way back the bus stopped for 1/2 hour for people to jump off and get some fast food or stuff from a supermarket. I caught the bus at Rockridge at 5 am and was delivered back there at 9 pm.  The only thing I had to worry about was catching the bus on time -- snoozed on the way up and snoozed on the way back and watched some movies."




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