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To View, Download or Order Photos  

Some of the links below lead to photo albums on our own Web site, while others lead to albums on external sites, such as Kodak EasyShare Gallery and SnapFish.

To view or download or order photos, just click below on the album below that you want to view, and, if requested, sign in.  If you don't already have one, you will need to set up an account to view any album on the Kodak EasyShare Gallery account or on the Snapfish site.  It's free.  

To download the large version of a photo (versus the thumbnail version), click on the thumbnail photo to get the full picture, then right click on that large version and click "Save Picture As."

There is no charge for viewing photos or for downloading electronic versions.  You can also order paper prints from Kodak EasyShare Gallery or Snapfish; those cost money, but the prices are reasonable.


Some Recent Photos

Bruce Methven's January 2010 Lake Tahoe Photos

Judy's 2009 Yosemite Photos

Bruce Methven's Feb. 20-22, 2009 Squaw Valley Photos

Ferdinand's Photos of the 2008 Mammoth Mtn. Night of Lights

Chris' Sept. 2008 Paris Photos

Cent's 2008 Yosemite Photos

Bruce Methven's 2008 Yosemite Photos

Ferdinand's 2008 Yosemite Photos

Spring 2008 Mammoth Mtn. Photos


Ferdinand's Photos from the 2008 DSUSA Race Challenge

2007 Holiday Party Photos

2007 Halloween Party Photos

2007 Yosemite Photos


Jan.-April 2007 Photos, Panorama, Mt. Bachelor, and More

Race Team Photos



To Post Photos  
Ski Club members:  To post photos, you need to get the log-in name and password from our webmaster (position currently vacant); click  to send him an email.  (We don't post this to prevent vandalism of our photo site.)  There is no charge for posting photos.  

Once you have the password, click here to reach Kodak EasyShare Gallery, click "Members Sign In", fill in the information for Returning Members and click "Sign In".  

To make the uploading of photos easier, download Kodak EasyShare Gallery software by clicking here:  Install Upload Software.  

Posting Rules:  You can post "posed" photos (meaning shots where the subjects all know a photo is being taken) without getting permission.  If you want to post "live action" shots, you need to make sure that everyone in the picture agrees that it can be posted.  You CAN put titles on your photos, but please DO NOT put anyone's last name (first names and the initial of the last name are O.K.) in the titles.  

NOTEPlease tell the webmaster (position currently vacant) if you create a new album, so he can add a link to it here.  To shoot him an email, click .