Race Team Photos

John Walsh on the Cover of the National Ski Club newsletter, March/April 2008:

The 2004/2005 Race Team at the post-season banquet with their very cool new jackets!

2004/2005 Race Team (well, some of them)


Acting under Bruce Brewington's guidance, the 2004/2005 Race Team uses aluminum (and other materials) to channel famed Norwegian slalom racer Kjetil Andre Aamodt!

Ferdinand and Rich wax eloquent.... 

2003/2004 Race Team

The heroic 2002-2003 Ski Team at the Awards Banquet! 
(Note the cast on the leg.)

Gail Y., roasting on an open fire, showing off her...2004 race awards.  

2002/2003 Race Team

The famous 2002-2003 Ski Team! 

OUR RACERS: Terry, Geoff, Gail, Toni, Connie, Mike, Kate, Steve, Don, Mark, Mari, John, Genie, Dory, Michael, and Ferdinand between races. (clockwise from top left)

2001/2002 Race Team

The famous 2001-2002 Ski Team! 

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2000-2001 Club race team at Alpine Meadows