January-April 2007 Photos
March-April 2007 Mt. Bachelor Trip
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March-April 2007 Mt. Bachelor Trip

Photos by Chris Valle-Riestra. These are from the March to April 2007 Far West Racing Association finals event at Mt. Bachelor, Oregon. The San Francisco Ski Club was represented by Rich Alpert, Bruce Brewington, John Walsh, Ann Culbertson, Robert Boyce, Margit McPhillips, and myself. John, Bruce, and I had a beautiful drive from the Bay Area through California, past Mt. Shasta, and then through central Oregon to Bend, and the River House, our base of operations.

Higher resolution copies of these photos are available (selectively, please). Contact me at ChrisValle@att.net with the names of the images and this Web page.

Early morning, approaching Mt. Bachelor on the highway from Bend.

Summit in mist.

A dusting of new snow.

The mist begins to clear.

An ice-encrusted volcanic plug in the summit crater.

John and the sastrugi. (That's a five-dollar word I was throwing around!)


Bruce and John on the Summit Chair.

Approaching the summit again.


Rime ice on the terminal building, summit.

A wonderland of ice and snow.

Distant volcano.

John's having a good time.

John and Bruce again.

Heading to the back side. Freshies everywhere.

View of the Sisters from the return trail, after descending the back side.

John again.

Chris again.

March 2007 Panorama Trip

Breakfast at the airport -- the adventure begins...

Waiting for the bus from Calgary to Panorama...and
waiting...and waiting...and waiting...

Taynton Lodge, our "crib"
The day lodge and cafeteria

Summit Hut

Inside the Summit Hut

Where the heck are we?

Top of the Champagne chair

Lakeside Pub in Invermere

More Lakeside Pub in Invermere:
the race between dinner and bus continues

I know there's a mountain here somewhere...

The mid-mountain warming teepee and
cappuccino hut

Apres ski at the Crazy Horse Saloon

Pool at the Crazy Horse Saloon

Kicking Horse day trip -- summit

Kicking Horse -- Eye of the Eagle Restaurant

Kicking Horse -- lunch at 
Eye of the Eagle Restaurant

Kicking Horse -- interior of Eye of the 
Eagle Restaurant

The cross-village gondola in Panorama

The suspension bridge leading to the wolf
education center

Moab the wolf, looking for lunch

Kheta, also at the wolf education center

Judy honored at race awards.  No, the
post did not take first. 

Icicle tree

Dinner at Carricks...longer than a day 
of heli-skiing

Leaving Calgary, moose in tow
February 2007 Sugar Bowl Trip




January 2007 Alpine Meadows Trip


January 2007 Homewood Trip