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San Francisco SkiClub Cabin in

Tahoe Donner

By Elise Olmsted, Cabin Director


Have you ever thought of being a trip leader at the cabin for the weekend?  Do you even know what a trip leader does?  It can be a lot of fun, and it DOESN’T need to be a lot of work!  Being a trip leader basically means you want to host the dinner and have the SkiClub pay for it!  (Just remember that the San Francisco SkiClub Cabin has a firm BYOB policy).  You can prepare just about anything you would like for dinner, from pasta with a yummy sauce you’ve prepared ahead of time at home, which just needs to be heated up on Saturday night, to a lavish banquet you’ve slaved over all day (this option is HIGHLY desired by your guests!).  But remember, after all, you’re there to ski!  Other people staying at the cabin are generally helpful, if you need a hand with the prep work, serving, and cleaning.  Just ask.


Remember, these are all hungry people that have just spent the day on the slopes too, and they will be grateful for the food that you prepare.  The trip leader also supplies the breakfast foods (eggs, bread, cereal, milk) for a do-it-yourself breakfast Saturday and Sunday mornings.  We try to keep the responsibilities simple so that it is a fun experience for everybody. 


While a theme isn’t necessary (after all, it is a SKI cabin), they can be fun and might encourage more people to participate in your weekend.  Some ideas are cross-

Bad Santa Banned at Bash


We lucky few who attended Arceil Juranty’s mostly magical annual Christmas Party, and lived to tell about it, salute her. Her amazing home was impeccably decorated in Christmas joy with her collection of snowballs, candles, and a real Pine tree glittering in the corner.   Everywhere you looked were noshes and nibbles of this and that, fruits and nuts, cheeses and dips setting us up for the resplendent array of main dishes in the dining room. If you ate prior to the “do” as one new member was heard to exclaim, you either missed an affair to remember or stuffed yourself silly and are busily making out your New Year’s diet

country skiing (March 26-28 led by Virginia McGowan) or

snow-shoeing.  We do have the cabin until May 31st, so if you would like to lead a Spring weekend for hiking, biking or golf in late April and May, sign up now!.


In addition to having a great weekend at the cabin, weekend trip leaders receive a discount for their efforts; 50% off a regular weekend fee and 75% if we have 2 cabins signed up. 


If you have a fun idea that you would like to turn into a weekend at the cabin, or if you would just like to lead a ski weekend, please contact our Cabin Director Elise Olmsted at elise_olmsted@hotmail.com

Here is a list of pricing for the 2003-2004 year at the cabin.  See you on the


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Race weekend: $75 (guests $90)


 Lodging Friday and Saturday nights

 Saturday night dinner (BYOB)                  Breakfast food Saturday and Sunday


Non-Race weekend: $70 (guests $85)


Sunday through Thursday night, non-holiday: $20 (dinner not provided) (guests $25)


Monthly Mid-week pass: $199 (no guests)

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