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Changes to the 2004-05 Board

You may have noticed a recent shift in some Board positions: Activities, Membership, Secretary and Racing.

Steve Noetzel, affectionately known as the club's Director of Fun and former Membership Director (along with a   number of many other board positions held during his long tenure with the club), became our new Activities Director in November. He replaces Valerie Machado who stepped down in September. Steve is already in full swing and had a complete schedule of activities throughout the holidays. Please see him if you're  interested in leading an event or activity.

Susan Hall, who has done an outstanding job as our secretary for the last two years and is always working behind the scenes to help in any capacity, is

taking over as the club's Membership


Omar M'Sai becomes the club's new Secretary, replacing Sue. Though he has been a member of the San Francisco SkiClub for several years, he is new to our club's Board.   As a member of    Fall-Line, Marin County's former Ski Club, he was an active volunteer, and served on its Board as well. He will be a great new addition to the Board.

John Ulrich returned as Race Director (see adjacent article), replacing Mary Beth Netson who was filling in on an

interim basis.

Following club bylaws, to replace a director, the individual must be nominated, seconded, and voted upon by the Active

John Ulrich Returns as 2004-05 Race Director

John Ulrich, one of the founders of  Singles League Racing and the Far West Racing Association, returns this year as San Francisco SkiClub's Race


John has been an important contributor and competitor in Bay Area ski racing for many years. He won the Singles League Championship in the elite class
(level S1 today), was nationally ranked among top club racers at National Ski Week, and was the recipient of the 1989 Terry Smith Award at the Far West Convention for his outstanding contribution to intramural (club) skiing.

John was voted in as the new Race Director by the membership during the ski club meeting on August 31.

If you have been lucky enough to have taken a few runs with John or have previewed a course with him, you know he's a real pro. His tips for ski improvement are always welcome.  They are encouraging and appreciated. He will make a great leader, and coach for us all.

For returning racers - this is super news. For anyone thinking about joining the team (all levels welcomed), this could be the best year to do it.

Welcome back John!

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The up-to-date club

If you haven't been on the club's Website lately -- you're in for a treat. Thanks to Bruce Methven, the site is totally current and is loaded with great, up-to-the-minute information.

We urge you to routinely check out the site to stay informed.

Here's a sample of what's on it.

* Weekly Hotsheet of activities (replaces the calendar)
* Late breaking news (e.g., race cancellation on Jan. 8 & 9 

* Tons of photos from recent events
* Weekly meeting notice/location
* Tahoe cabin rates, procedures and directions
* Bulletin Board for Tahoe car pooling
* Links to other clubs
* Links to ski resorts/snow conditions and traffic

Check it out!

Membership at a general meeting. John, Steve, Sue and O'mar all received a unanimous vote of confidence from the club membership.  Their terms will go through May 31 (when a new board is elected).

A sincere thank you goes to Valerie and Mary Beth. And a warm welcome is extended to John, Steve, Sue and O'mar!

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