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Tahoe Activities

If you're injured, need a break from skiing or boarding -- or it's not winter -- there are plenty of things to do in the Tahoe area.  Other winter activities include dog sledding, sleigh rides, museums, shopping and more.  

! Things to do in Lake Tahoe by TahoeActivities.com
Divided into Summer and Winter recreation.  Summer includes adventures/tours, beaches, biking, boating & watersports, camping & RV parks, fishing, golf courses, hiking, horseback riding, marinas, spas and health clubs.  
! Lake Tahoe Miscellaneous Activities by About.com
Lake Tahoe miscellaneous activities - the Ponderosa Ranch, Vikingsholm, ballooning, Shakespeare Festival, Tallac Historic Site, and much more.
! Lake Tahoe Major Activities by About.com
Casinos, golf, fishing, rafting, cruises and other things.
! Tahoe Adventure Sports by, well, um, Tahoe Adventure Sports
Mountain Biking, Road Biking, Hiking/Backpacking, Peak Climbing, Rock Climbing, and more.  
! Activities in Lake Tahoe by TahoesBest.com
Cruises and tours, river rafting, golf, water sports, fishing, boating, biking, horseback riding, casinos, shopping, art, churches, massage, museums, beaches, etc.
! Lake Tahoe Activities by Tahoe Vacation Guide
Boat rentals, casinos, fishing, golf, lake cruises, water sports and more.  
! AboutLakeTahoe.com
Tahoe beaches, disc golf, camping, golf, fishing and more.  

Tahoe Hiking

You know how beautiful the Tahoe area is when skiing or boarding.  Check out the grandeur during summer, perhaps by taking the Squaw Tram up and hiking down the river from Shirley Lake.  
! Hiking Etiquette
! Tahoe Hiking Trails by the U.S. Forest Service
Organized by area, with difficulty, elevation, mileage and a link to more information.
! Lake Tahoe Hiking and Backpacking by Tahoe Adventure Sports
Organized by area with ratings and brief descriptions; click on a trail link to reach great descriptions, lots of info -- and even some topographical maps!
! Hiking trails by Lake Tahoe Vacation Guide 
Mostly divided by area, but includes wildflower and ski resort hikes -- and addresses and phone numbers for relevant government agencies.
! Hiking Trails of the Tahoe Basin by LakeTahoeConcierge.com
Trails by region; difficulty, mileage, elevation in a chart, with descriptions below; a little heavy on the ads.
! Lake Tahoe Hiking by TahoeActivities.com 
Divided into North and South shores, with brief difficulty, elevation and mileage info; some trails have links to more info -- and even photos!
! Tahoe Hiking by Gorp 
Divided by ranger district (!); extensive list of hikes by name with mileage; click the link for each to get a ton of information.
! Hiking by AboutLakeTahoe.com
Brief descriptions, often with links to directions, etc.  

Tahoe Mountain Biking
! Mountain Bike Parks in Tahoe by Tahoe's Best
Kirkwood Mountain Bike Park
Northstar At Tahoe Mountain Bike Park
Sugar Pine Point State Park
! Bike Trails By Lake Tahoe Concierge.com
Lists difficulty, elevation, miles and gives description.   
! Lake Tahoe Mountain Bike Rides by Tahoe Adventure Sports
Divided by South, North, East and West Shores with ratings.  
Includes description, length and elevation.
! Lake Tahoe Basin Mountain Biking Trails by Lake Tahoe Vacation Guide
Descriptions, difficulty, elevation, length