Ski resorts enjoy spring break family fun


Local ski resorts are anticipating a busy March Break as the on-piste season begins to draw to a close.

“It’s almost the end of our ski season, so if you don’t have those ski dates, you’re really looking forward to it. Also, if you like spring skiing, it’s perfect. The sun is out. date, it’s a little warmer, you’re out for the afternoon,” says Tara Lovell, Blue Mountain‘s public relations manager.

Blue Mountain hosts several family events planned to keep the kids busy during their week off from school, including live shows at the top and bottom of the mountain, DJs, and a big air ski show.

“Fifty-foot ski jumps, stunts, music, lights and fireworks all week long. It’s going to be awesome,” Lovell said.

Even with the easing of COVID-19 restrictions, certain measures will still be in place, such as wearing masks and physical distancing inside shared spaces.

“We planned March Break with restrictions in mind, so we’re happy to hear that we’re getting closer to the pandemic. Many of the activities we planned have already kept people outside, and we made sure we could easily comply with any restrictions that would be in place,” says Lovell.

At the Horseshoe Resort, similar measures will be in place.

“We saw people a little more comfortable, especially inside. COVID has been quite busy because it’s an outdoor recreational activity that people have been able to do,” says Jonathan Reid, vice president of ski operations.

Starting Thursday, Horseshoe is hosting a stage of the Freestyle Skiing Canada Cup.

The event will feature slopestyle and big air competition with some of the best freestyle skiers in the country.

“They started training today. They will train on Friday. The slopestyle event is Saturday and the big aerial event is Sunday.”

Both resorts expect to be busy, so call ahead or book online if you plan to hit the slopes.


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