Welcome your parking customers to the cities of tomorrow


Future important topics for cities will be the use of digital systems to increase efficiency, reduce street congestion and improve quality of life to become a “smart city”. Residents associate the themes “technology”, “connected”, “internet” and “modern” with the city of tomorrow. And, as more and more people will live in cities in the future, some of the most important challenges for cities will be improving infrastructure and using smart technologies to optimize services and traffic, as well as the livability of their city for the inhabitants.

Electric vehicles can and will contribute significantly to reducing congestion on the streets. Together with public transport, they will have many implications for the way people move through the streets to organize their daily lives. The mass adoption of electric vehicles will, however, depend on the construction of a EV charging station Infrastructure. Just like the gas stations that dot our cities today, they will soon be part of the urban landscape.

So why is it important for parking owners in cities? The functionality of car parks within the transport network is directly linked to their location in relation to the migration of people. Facility owners will have the opportunity to increase the value of their properties as well as their income by offering a smooth entry and exit from the car park and the possibility of charging the EVs of the inhabitants, guests or visitors to the city. Offer digital payment payment options for electric vehicle charging and parking at one time, will lead to more convenience for users and therefore an increase in traffic in the parking lot.

In short, the best way to welcome customers to city car parks is to offer easy-to-use digital subscription and payment options, the ability to easily enter and exit the car park, and ways to pay for the charging and Parking fees with a single identifier. Owners can remotely monitor and control all their parking lots and manage them based on holistic reporting.

Discover the benefits for you and your customers and that SKIDATA is your reliable partner and advisor when it comes to changing the world of hospitality. For more information and a full hands-on experience, we invite you to visit us at our stand in Hall 2-100 at Intertraffic fair in Amsterdam, from March 29 to April 1.

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