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AVERY COUNTY – The advent of the winter sports season is officially underway and the snow facilities are starting to open for the season. Winter in Avery County receives a large number of visitors from across the east coast, and Avery has the facilities to support it.

With two major ski resorts, multiple tubing areas, snowshoeing, an alpine roller coaster, and popular winter viewing areas on the mountain, the High Country has the ability to draw large crowds. With icy precipitation on the horizon, winter sports enthusiasts are gearing up at local ski shops and getting ready for the grand opening of all facilities.

Sugar Mountain Resort has already opened its season, welcoming guests on November 15 for the resort’s official 50th anniversary. With even cooler temperatures to come, the resort’s generous snowmaking capabilities will blend with natural snow to provide significant slope tread for skiers and snowboarders.

One of the area’s biggest events is Sugar Mountain Resort‘s SugarFest, which takes place December 10-12. . Seeing and testing the latest gear is a real treat for winter enthusiasts to choose the best gear for optimum response and performance.

There will also be a New Year’s Eve celebration at the Sugar Mountain Resort. It will feature a free alpine torchlight parade at 11:45 p.m. and fireworks at midnight. Indoor festivities will take place from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. with live music from The Rockabilly’s.

Sugar Mountain Resort plans to operate at full capacity this year and will highlight all of the fun and challenging trails that visitors and locals have come to enjoy and admire. SMR offers accommodation, rentals, shuttles, catering and all other necessities for a great winter weekend.

Beech Mountain Resort is on a short countdown to opening day, which is scheduled to begin Friday, November 26. Beech Mountain Resort has implemented several upgrades for the 2021-22 ski season to provide ample room for guests to enjoy the great outdoors, whether on the slopes or not.

Beech Mountain Resort has evolved some features to the delight of skiers and snowboarders. New improvements to snowmobiles will provide improved snow and more snow, adding to the already large range of trails. The station has also added new LED lighting fixtures all around the mountain, which increases visibility for those who like to ride at night.

The renovations to the village area at the foot of the mountain will provide an ambient atmosphere for those not participating or just taking a break between races. BMR has been striving for several seasons to strengthen the quality of its slopes and the distinction of the entire resort.

Beech Mountain Brewing Company will continue to function as a gathering point for winter sports enthusiasts, offering live music weekends throughout the season as well as their own specialty beers that accentuate the flavor of the Appalachians.

The resort will also host a New Years Eve event with free fireworks at the slopes. Beech will also continue its night skiing specials on weekdays from January 3 to March 10, 2022.

For those who do not wish to participate in the fast mountain slalom that the resorts have to offer, the High Country also offers tobogganing and tubing adventures for all ages.

HawksNest Snow Tubing will officially open on Friday, November 26. The tube park, which was originally a ski mountain, became a fully operated tube and zip line park in 1996. Located in Seven Devils, HawksNest is a large capacity tube track with 30 lanes and a lift. -moving carpet. Visitors are encouraged to purchase and reserve their tickets online.

Just across a county is the popular Jonas Ridge Snow Tubing Park, a family-friendly tube park with an uphill treadmill. Jonas Ridge plans to open a little later in the year compared to other attractions, with an opening date of December 20. Jonas Ridge Snow Tubing tickets and reservations are currently available and ready to purchase on the company’s website.


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