12 of the best books on skiing and snowboarding

National Geographic Books

This ultimate list of skiers and snowboarders, from famous trails in Alta, Utah, to the 4 Valleys race challenge in Switzerland, to 100 energizing snow experiences for all skill levels. Filled with beautiful National Geographic photographs, expert wisdom, must-have travel information and practical advice, this inspiring guide delivers the best skiing and snowboarding experiences on the planet on breathtaking slopes across the globe. and makes a great gift!

Turn, Turn, Turn: Each of the four seasons has its fans, if you live in an area where you get the different seasons. Summer is for surfers and beach goers, fall is for nosy, spring is for… okay, I’m not really sure what people get turned on in spring. Spring training? The end of winter ? But winter certainly has its die-hard fans. There are lots of amazing winter activities to do, and one of the most popular is hitting the slopes! If you’re a fan of gear to strap to your feet and hit the slopes at different speeds, or just enjoy watching breathtaking images of winter wonderland, this list of the 12 best books on skiing and snowboarding is for you !

From how-to guides for getting started with skiing and snowboarding, to leveling up in sports, to coffee table books on the best slopes and the most stylish skiers, to memoirs written by professionals, there is something here covering most aspects of these sports! It should be noted that while there are very few books on skiing and snowboarding available from authors of color, the sports are becoming more diverse every year. To learn more, check out the great articles on African Americans. snowboarders and skiers, and read on the persistent racism in sport.

cover of Unbound: A Story of Snow & Self Discovery by Steph Jagger;  Image of a female skier lying in the snow high up on a slope

Unbound: A story of snow and self-discovery by Steph Jagger

Jagger decided to leave her life with nothing but her, her ski equipment and her laptop. She sold everything else and traveled to North and South America, Asia, Europe and New Zealand, aiming to ski four million vertical feet in one year. This is an account of his worldwide adventure in the snow.

cover of Powder The Greatest Ski Runs on the Planet by Patrick Thorne, featuring a large snowy slope with ski tracks in the snow

Powder: the 50 most beautiful ski slopes on the planet by Patrick Thorne

Thorne, a journalist, has set himself the goal of skiing in all available places on the planet. This is a comprehensive look at 50 of those spots, with comments from Thorne based on his expertise.

cover of Breakthrough on the New Skis: Say Goodbye to the Intermediate Blues by Lito Tejada-Flores with the image of a blurry skier going down a slope

Breakthrough on New Skis: Say Goodbye to Intermediate Blues by Lito Tejada-Flores

If you’re looking to turn your skiing skills from ordinary to extraordinary, get this re-edited guide. Skiing expert Tejada-Flores breaks down the moves you need into easy-to-follow steps to become the fabulous skier you’ve always known you are.

cover of The Stylish Life: Skiing by Gabrielle le Breton, featuring glamorous 50s skiers

Stylish life: skiing by Gabrielle le Breton

And whether you love skiing or just love glamorous tabletop books, this is a great look for people rushing through the snow. It features vintage photos of celebrities and other glamorous women posing on the runways.

cover of Take It All On Board: 8 Steps To Mastering The Slope & Life With Confidence by Kate Mackay, teal cover with yellow outline of the light blue outline of a snowboarder in the air

Take it all on board: 8 steps to master the slope and life with confidence by Kate Mackay

Certified performance trainer Kate Mackay details her journey from beginner snowboarding to BASI instructor training. Using the lessons she’s learned, she’ll help you achieve the goals you’ve always dreamed of, on and off the slopes.

coverage of Fifty Places to Ski and Snowboard Before You Die Downhill experts share the world's most beautiful destinations by Chris Santella;  featuring a skier in the air after jumping from a peak in a high mountain range

Fifty places to ski and snowboard before you die: Downhill experts share the world’s best destinations by Chris Santella

And if you’re so much of a snow bunny that you can’t learn enough about the amazing trail destinations around the world, then get yourself this book of beautiful color photographs of 50 of them, chosen by the experts. .

Cover of Inspired: Pursuit of Progress Kelly Clark, black and white image of a snowboarder about to slide down a steep slope

Inspired: In pursuit of progress by Kelly Clark

Clark is a four-time Olympian, three-time Olympic medalist and the most successful athlete in snowboarding history. She talks about the hard work, faith and dedication that took her to the top of her game.

cover of The Fall Line: America's Rise to Ski Racing's Summit by Nathaniel Vinton;  close-up image of a skier, leaning to one side

The Fall Line: America’s Rise to Ski Racing’s Summit by Nathaniel Vinton

Drawing on over a decade of research and interviews with some of skiing’s biggest names, Vinton details the past, present, and future of the exhilarating competitive sport of alpine skiing, and how the U.S. has mastered the slopes.

cover of Mastering Snowboarding by Hannah Teter and Tawnya Schultz;  photo of female snowboarder with long blond hair in the air

Mastering snowboarding by Hannah Teter and Tawnya Schultz

Olympic gold medalist and X Games champion Teter and expert snowboarding writer Schultz have teamed up to give you the advice you need to become a snowboard magician. From gear to movements, they’ll have you pushing powder like a pro in no time.

Ultimate Skiing cover by Ron LeMaster, photo of several competitive downhill skiers doing a lap around a flag

Ultimate Skiing by Ron LeMaster

LeMaster ski instructor, trainer and technical expert will help you develop your skiing skills and take them to the next level. Learn how to move like the masters in no time in this easy-to-follow guide, which includes full-color photo montages and 3D diagrams.

cover of Vintage Skiing: Nostalgic Images from the Golden Age of Skiing by Ray Atkeson;  black and white photo of a 40s or 50s mid-jump skier

Vintage skiing: nostalgic images of the golden age of skiing by Ray Atkeson

And finally, visit the slopes of yesteryear with this great art book of mid-20th century black and white images. A wonderful gift for yourself or someone else!


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