A skier combines winter sports and western dance in “Boots Over Brim”


Skiing, cowboy boots, dancing, whiskey, what else do you need?

Tahoe based skier Friend Engerbretson is all about skiing. But in her most recent film, she is more about coming off the hook. In “Boots Over Brim,” Engerbretson takes us to the mountains of Wyoming, Tahoe and beyond. She skis long lines. And after the elevators close, she takes a glass of whiskey and hits the dance floor, cowboy boots flying.

How did the dance start? Well, like dancing, skiing is an art.

“A few winters ago, Engerbretson and his father were showing their dance moves at the Cowboy bar in Jackson, WY. Their footwork got whimsical when they started to initiate reverse dance moves. Within moments, the bouncer quickly kicked them out saying “No boots on the edge!” “A concept for a film was born that day”, we read in the movie description.

Complement Engerbretson’s moves on the mountain (and on the dance floor) with a perfect track of country music from Paul Cauthen, and this film is a unique and unapologetic home run western.

Duration: 7 minutes

Produced by Sweetgrass Productions. Sponsors of the film include K2 skis, Spyder, SCOTT Sports, and TINCUP Whiskey.

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