Angler lands a 600-Lb. Marlin & More Adventure News of the Week


From the inspiring to the tragic, here’s GearJunkie’s roundup of the week’s exploration and adventure news. Here’s what you missed and a few things to look forward to.

A Florida fisherman named Scott Mutchler landed a 600-pound whopper from a marlin Last week. Mutchler was fishing in his 13ft Kayak Hobie Outback off the coast of Panama when he caught the beast.

“My first thought when it broke through was just the enormity of the size of the fish,” Mutchler said. Field and flow. “And the next thought was how incredibly beautiful and majestic they are. They are gold, blue, black and silver and they have these gigantic eyes and a really big beak. To see it up close and in person was breathtaking.

Not only did the man from Jupiter, Florida catch the catch of his life, but another fisherman managed to film the battle as well. Check it out below.

Andrea Sanson of Golden, Colorado just set the women’s record and second all-time 24-hour record atop the grueling Manitou Incline. Over the course of a day, Sanson climbed and descended the incline 19 times – five times the number of laps completed by the former women’s record holder and barely second to the men’s record of 22 laps set in 2014.

In total, “the feast of suffering soared about 34 miles and over 38,000 feet of direct elevation gain in one relentless push through daylight and darkness,” reported The Gazette.

Solomon's Angled Video
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American mountaineers Graham Zimmerman, Dave Allfrey and Whit Magro achieved an epic first ascent in the Alaska Range late last week. Their new route, dubbed “The Pace of Comfort” (VI 5.10 A3+ M6, 70 degree snow), resides on the remote Kichatna spit and spans over 3,100 feet. According WebExplorersthe spire “pierces 1,885 m high by its prominence – mainly in vertical granite – of the Cul-de-Sac glacier”.

“The Pace of Comfort” is only the second line established on the northwest face of Kichatna. Its neighboring road, “The Ship’s Prow”, was erected by the legendary Jim Bridwell and Andrew Embick in 1979.

Caves, cliffs and canoes highlighted the USARA 24 Hour OutThere No Sleep Adventure Regional Championship race in the Shawnee National Forest in Illinois with Ghost Riders taking the mixed three-way division, No Sleep Adventures capturing the men’s three-way division, Flying Squirrel Adventure winning the women’s solo division, TanZ Navigation winning the men’s solo division (second in general), and 43 Down winning overall and the men’s two-way division.

The victory earned the Ghost Riders a free trip to the next USARA Adventure Race National Championship and a regional champion crown.

The race began with teams having to lay out the first seven checkpoints of a foot orientation section that led to a 170-foot cliff abseil from the San Damiano cliff. After paddling the Ohio River and up Big Grand Pierre Creek, teams hiked back for a 3-mile hike with a CP located in a hilltop cave.

A 30 mile bike ride, a big O night course and a final 10 mile ride to the finish line completed the wilderness adventure.

USARA Adventure News of the Week
(Photo/Sleepless Adventures)

The directory Escape the Alcatraz Triathlon left this past weekend, too. The iconic event, located in San Francisco, included a 15-mile swim from Alcatraz Island to the San Francisco shore, followed by an 18-mile hilly bike ride to Golden Gate Park and a 8 mile trail to Baker Beach via the famous Sand Ladder.

Head here to enter the results.

Vermont’s Killington Resort hosted its last day of skiing/closing since 1996. On June 4 and 5, the resort brought its $79 ski lift into service on closing day, with 50% of the weekend’s profits going to Pride Center VT.

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