Assam’s Kamakhya Temple opens its doors to worshipers at the end of Ambubachi Mela


Kamakhya Devi Temple in Assam, one of the most famous temples in India, opened its doors to devotees at the end of Ambubachi Mela. Located on top of the Nilachal hills, it is one of 51
Shakti peethas in India. The gates of the famous temple were closed for four days due to the popular religious holiday. But on Sunday, large numbers of worshipers gathered at the temple gate waiting.

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It is believed that during this time the deity undergoes her annual menstrual cycle. During these four days, the gates of the temple are closed and a fair is held within the temple grounds. It was after two years that devotees were allowed to participate in the festival due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Assam's Kamakhya Temple opens its doors to worshipers at the end of Ambubachi Mela

The Ambubachi fair is also associated with the cult of fertility. Being one of the major religious fairs in the country, the temple recorded over 2.5 lakh footsteps during the festival over the past three days. The festival was celebrated from June 22 to June 26 this year.

Assam Governor Jagdish Mukhi took to Twitter and said:

“Along with the First Lady, I offered our prayers and reverence to Maa #Kamakhya at the culmination of the pious #AmbubachiMela. We prayed for the contentment and welfare of the people of the State. May God’s blessings of Maa bring peace, prosperity and happiness to everyone’s life”.

Officials said the supply of VIP passes for visitors has been halted for some time, allowing all worshipers to enter the shrine.


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