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The ski season is over


Big White Ski Resort is officially closed for the remainder of the winter season.

Senior Vice President Michael Ballingall said Mother Nature provided perfect conditions for the final weekend.

“The snow came at just the right time. We topped it up almost every weekend. We finish here with 238 centimeters. It snowed eight centimeters on the closing Saturday. So for the people who were up there Saturday and Sunday he was fantastic,” Ballingall said.

Ballingall says the season was the toughest in the stations’ history.

“Everyone is aware of the problems the province has had with flooding, supply chain and airlines. Christmas has been very very very difficult for Big White’s economy as it has been for everyone in British Columbia. BC Family Day was really when things started to turn around for us and we saw a lot of people from the Lower Mainland visiting the resort,” he added. .

The biggest obstacle was the lack of staff.

“We ran the resort with 50% of the normal staff load we had. Food and drink was devastated. Housekeeping was devastated. We normally carried between 160 and 170 housekeepers and I think we finished with just over 20. We used Kelowna contract janitorial companies when the time was right.”

Ballingall says outside operations went smoothly.

“The actual operation of the physical plant of the resort, so the ski patrol and our grooming division and the lift operators – that department has worked well. For the sole reason that the team members like to be at outside. It’s a very desirable place. It was normally in the 90% of the staff.”

Nearly 480 staff members will leave the mountain in the next 72 hours.

Big White will reopen for its summer season on June 30.


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