Bike Skill Park Brings New Fun for Kids During Summer Vacation


TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) – A new bike skill park in Twin Falls adds to amenities around southern Idaho.

For kids like Gage Higley, the new skill park around the Auger Falls Wetland Preserve is just what the doctor ordered.

“I’m excited because I’m jumping more,” said the 14-year-old from Jerome.

“It’s another way to encourage kids to get out and be active, to get out from behind their screens,” said Mandi Thompson, assistant city manager of Twin Falls.

The area opened on Wednesday around already existing cycle paths and is the result of inter-organizational partnerships.

The city of Twin Falls used $30,000 from a community transformation grant from the Idaho Blue Cross Foundation, plus an additional $30,000 from a private donation to build the park.

$10,000 from MavTECH and the Dirt Trail Alliance (DTA) will help maintain the park, according to Thompson.

“During COVID, mountain biking has really taken off, cycling in general, and I think here it’s like everywhere else in the world,” said Jeremy St. Clair of DTA.

St. Clair also coaches a middle and high school mountain bike team, which has about 60 area kids.

“We try to teach them skills on the trail, and a park like this is great where you can control the environment,” St. Clair said.

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