Bogus Basin prepares for winter with new snow cannons


BOISE, Idaho – Rain in the valley and snow in the mountains is itchy Idaho to hit the slopes.

A wet fall is great news for ski resorts that already pick up good snow. Bogus Basin is prepared anyway after doubling its number of snow guns out of season.

“We’re adding 24 more mobile fans and we already had 24, so 48 mobile fans,” said Nate Shake, mountain operations manager at Bogus Basin.

At a cost of $ 33,000 each, the snow cannons provide additional safety if Mother Nature dries up.

“It foregoes the ability to guarantee early opening dates if Mother Nature doesn’t provide, as long as we have cold temperatures,” Shake said.

Cold, dry conditions work best for the guns, but Idaho News 6 chief meteorologist Scott Dorval says we’ve just received a good wave of natural snowfall and a promising pattern is developing.

“There is cold coming in behind, they will have a chance to use the new snow cannons. Another strip of snow to the west, this one is going to explode and if we keep this pattern, you won’t. you don’t need to use the snow cannons. However, they will be able to use it in the next few days. Turning on and off is a good thing. “

The extra snow cannons don’t help much without new pumps. Bogus Basin added two more, allowing them to double the amount of water supplied to the cannons to 3,000 gallons per minute.

If needed, the 48 snow cannons can cover six tracks up and down on 75 acres up front. But if the current La Niña model has anything to say about it, the cannons might spend more time picking up snow than making it.


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