Dahria Beatty presents the Olympic bibs during a meeting


Dahria Beatty presents the Olympic bibs during a meeting

By Morris Prokop on May 11, 2022

Olympic cross-country skier Dahria Beatty, a native of Whitehorse, presented Olympic bibs during a post-Olympic meet at the Whitehorse Ski Club on May 3.

Prior to the meet, they organized a women’s event for all programs of the Yukon Lynx Ski Team and JDP Club, ages seven to 18 who are part of the various cross-country programs in Whitehorse. They did a dryland event with them from 4:30 to 6 p.m.

Beatty explained why they arranged the meet and greet.

“The reason was an opportunity to present the Whitehorse Ski Club, as well as Sport Yukon, with Olympic bibs. I presented Sport Yukon with one of my Beijing bibs from just two months ago in recognition of all they have done for me and the sport in Yukon over the years so this will be framed then displayed in their lobby…for all Yukoners to see.

“It took four years, but Emily Nishikawa and I ran the team sprint together at the PyeongChang Olympics (2018 Winter Olympics) and that was probably the first time and maybe the only time that the team sprint event will be raced by two athletes from the same club so it was a really special moment for us and we also received tremendous support and encouragement from the club and it was very exciting for them in May 2018. They played the race on the club projector. People gathered to watch it and so we decided to present these bibs that we wore in this race…at the club. Unfortunately, during the last four years the organization has been a logistical nightmare with Emily and I being here at the same time and the club being available, so finally on Tuesday we were able to get all the people who needed to be there,” says Beatty.

Club president Jean-Paul Molgat accepted the bibs on behalf of the club. 35-40 community club members attended the presentation.

“It was really fun to bring the community together to be able to say thank you to the club in public and thank them for all the support and hard work and just to applaud that they have given us as elite athletes throughout. of our career,” Beatty said.

Bibs will also be framed and displayed at the Whitehorse Ski Club.

After the event, Beatty had a chance to reflect on a “very busy and exciting” season.

“I had some time here in April to take a little break and reflect on the season. It was my second Olympics and objectively a much more successful Olympics than my first. I’m pretty happy with my performance. I was happy to improve my performance in every event I entered at these Games compared to the last Games and I had a few personal bests, including 18th place in the 10km classic. So it was a very exciting Olympic season.

“There was certainly a lot of stress in the first part of the season, trying to qualify for the games with still so many pandemic restrictions and the peak of COVID after Christmas there when the trials for the Olympics were going on, so it’s definitely been a very stressful, as well as exciting season, so needless to say, I was very happy to be able to take a break, both physically and mentally,” Beatty said.

“We had our first national championships in Canada in three years…we went straight from the World Cup to the nationals in Whistler where I was able to…win two more national championship titles, which was a great way to end the season. but to see so many kids who haven’t really had a chance to race in the past few years… finally had the chance to compete in a national championship, to be at the same event as Canada’s current national team and elite runners. There was so much excitement amongst the younger generation of skiers in Canada and it was definitely great to see that and be a part of that too…it was a great way to end the season,” added Beatty.

Beatty leaves for a training camp in Canmore, Alberta. and will be on snow in the Kananaskis Country outside of Canmore. Six of these days will be devoted to snow skiing.

She will be joined by fellow Yukoners Derek Dueling, Sasha Masson and Sonjaa Schmidt.

They’ll be skiing around 2,000 meters up at Fortress Mountain and won’t have to climb as high as the glaciers so early in the season to tackle freshly packed snow.

“The main focus of this camp is to bring the new team together…so everyone can learn about the new additions to the team, work with the new coaching staff that Nordiq Canada now has and the technical focus of the camp will be just during the snow hours, back to training working on technique so that once we move onto roller skis and dry land after camp is over we have a good technical base and focus on what we want to work on over the summer for training,” Beatty explained.

There will be at least two more training camps throughout the summer where the entire national team will come together to practice. The team also plans to train on snow in New Zealand during August.

“The racing season will start in November, so we will prepare for it, in order to be ready and prepared for it and ready to be in Europe.

Beatty said she has a very long list of process-based goals for the upcoming season. One of the big goals is the Tour de ski, a nine-day, seven-stage World Cup, from December 31 to January 8. The event takes place in Switzerland, Germany and Italy.

For the past few years, Canada has not sent any athletes there due to the way the schedule has worked, but they are sending a team there this year.

“The eighth stage, you are cross-country skiing on a ski slope. It’s a very prestigious and renowned event in the world of cross-country skiing and it’s something that’s always been on my to-do list and with Canada sending a team this year, it’s definitely at the top on my list of goals to try to compete in that and peak for that, so I’m trying to adapt my training to have my best result of the season there. It’s something I was looking forward to hopefully doing at some point, so it will be a big priority for me this coming year.

“After being in the World Cup for almost five or six years, it’s something I don’t want to leave the sport without having done, so I’m looking forward to being on the starting line this year. ”

The world championships in Planica, Slovenia, from February 21 to March 5, are also on his radar.

“I will definitely be looking to try and make the team sprint event there a big priority…something that has eluded me again in my career is being in the final of a team sprint – not in a mixed mix but at a championship, so that’s definitely going to be a big priority too.

Beatty added that it was great that the Whitehorse Ski Club finished third at the nationals, which she says has only happened once or twice since she’s been competing at the nationals since 2009.

“It’s pretty cool to be a part of this with a team where I was the only senior athlete at nationals this year for Whitehorse, so the other 14 athletes we had were all juniors and I think over the last few years we did well, we had – it was still when Emily (Nishikawa) and Knute (Johnsgaard) and Graham Nishikawa were still racing – so we had a lot of senior athletes at the event. But it was pretty cool to be able to do that with so many young athletes and it was really exciting for me to see so many great performances, not just from one athlete from Whitehorse, but from all the athletes who were at nationals, so it was really inspiring to see that – especially as I approach the end of my career – to see that the next generation is alive and well.


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