Eager skiers hit the slopes early after the first snowfall in Utah


ALTA, Utah — Avid skiers wasted no time hitting the slopes in Utah after the first snowfall of the season over the weekend.

After Alta Ski Resort received nearly 2 feet of snow on Saturday and Sunday, skiers were seen taking an early jump in the season on Monday. Although the lifts aren’t working, resort officials have opened up the uphill journey to skiers who want to climb the slopes.

“We are thrilled that everyone is excited about the snow and the ski season ahead,” resort spokeswoman Andria Huskinson said.

Alta and other Utah ski resorts aren’t expected to officially open until mid-November.

“I got here around seven and got up and saw the sun come up over Superior, and, you know, 2 feet of snow the last two days, it’s beautiful,” said skier David Brooks. “It’s October, you can’t ask for more.”

While skiers have been enjoying their first runs of the season, officials want to make sure they realize they are doing so at their own risk.

“It’s not like when we’re open and we have patrollers on staff and stuff,” Huskinson explained.

Resorts are hoping the early snowfall bodes well for a great season ahead, but Huskinson acknowledged that things can easily change.

“It went from beautiful fall to winter overnight, but we’re loving it. As we start to get more of it, we’re going to slowly ramp up and start pushing things forward.”


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