Europe’s first CBD spa opens in Switzerland – next to ‘Toblerone mountain’


By Franca Quarnéti, via El Planteo.

Schlosshotel Zermattthe first CBD Spa in Europe was inaugurated at the foot of the Matterhorn (famous for its ski resorts and for being the logo of the Toblerone brand of chocolate) in the swiss alpsApril 3.

The spa offers relaxation therapies such as 80-minute massages (for EUR 241), reflexology, scrub treatments, neck and head massages, and alpine herbal compresses. All this, with an ingredient that makes it even more pleasant: CBD or cannabidiol, the non-psychotropic component of cannabis.

In the lobby of the hotel where the spa is located, there is a hemp plant that perfumes the air. For breakfast, you can enjoy hemp muesli, the traditional Swiss grain-based food, this time with a touch of cannabis.

Alex Perren, the owner of the spa, invested several million Swiss francs to acquire the property in 2019, Welt reported. He wanted to offer something special, because “everyone knows an alpine spa”. Thus, the businessman decided to create a CBD Spa with the intention of attract a younger audience.

“We were the first. There is a constant demand for the CBD program», rejoices Perren.

Cannabis in Switzerland

In Switzerland, CBD is unlimited, making this luxury wellness experience completely legal and safe. Meanwhile, several moves are leading to the eventual regulation of recreational cannabis.

In Zurich, pharmacies and cannabis clubs participating in a pilot program will be able to sell cannabis.

The study, called Züri Can – Responsible Cannabiswill last three and a half years and will study the effects of regulated cannabis on public health and young adults.

The pilot program will serve as reference for cannabis legislation in Switzerlandreported The Marihuana.

Cannabis can be said to have a strong footprint in the country. Why? A survey conducted by the Sotomo Institute in 2021 revealed that 78% of Swiss are in favor of the legalization of medical cannabis.

The survey, which covered a sample of 3,166 Swiss men and women, also showed that two-thirds of the population support the legalization of cannabis for adult use, provided there are rules to protect minors.

It is estimated that in Switzerland 750,000 joints are smoked per day and the number of regular consumers is around 220,000.

Photo Via Schlosshotel Zermatt.


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