Foyle Search and Rescue appeals for ‘consideration’ after £150,000 gear soaked by jet ski pilot


The team behind Foyle Search and Rescue have appealed to those who ride jet skis to be considered after one of their vessels carrying gear worth over £150,000 was soaked by a horseman.

Co Londonderry’s voluntary search and rescue charity issued an appeal on social media after temperatures hit 20 degrees on Monday.

They said they had been “soaked” by a jet skier after approaching their boat during training – soaking expensive equipment.

The group, which was founded in 1993 in response to the high number of people drowning in the area, said on social media: “While we were doing Sonar Training tonight we were approached on the river by members of the public on jet skis.

“It’s great to see people enjoying the water when it’s safe to do so. However, on this occasion, a member of the group proceeded to hose down our boat, our crew and the equipment. We were surveying the river using equipment that cost over £150,000.

“We would appreciate the consideration of those who use jet skis when we are on any vessel whether on call, training or in this case carrying out a survey of the river which we hope will will in turn help us identify anomalies, i.e. bodies on the river bed.

Many on social media condemned the jet skier’s actions, commenting that they were acting “recklessly”.

When asked if their gear was waterproof, the Derry Rescue Group said yes.

“But the laptop computer used to control it in the cabin is not and the wake of the jet skis/the force of the water can cause unnecessary damage to the equipment,” they said.


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