Greece ― a year-round holiday destination


Greece is a fascinating year-round tourist destination in the Mediterranean. Its loving and hospitable people, stunning coastlines, gorgeous islands and delicious cuisine provide memorable vacations all year round. There is always more to enjoy for the visitor.

It’s been a whole year. A year you would probably rather leave behind and move on. Now that those days are almost over, you can start dreaming of your next vacation in Greece, which can cater to all tastes in every season.

For many people, Greece’s charming season is autumn. The milder temperatures and cooler nights, compared to summer, are just perfect for visiting archaeological sites and enjoying the best city breaks in the country. Build up your strength and stamina and try mountaineering on mountains where ancient gods once lived and roamed.

Winter activities in picture-perfect villages, nestled on rocky mountain slopes, offer visitors great opportunities for a relaxing and enjoyable winter break. This is the season when nature puts on its winter colors and the air is fresh and invigorating. Discover ski resorts and all kinds of winter sports in the mountainous regions of Greece.

In spring, Greece is in full bloom, colorful and ready to welcome the Easter holidays. It’s time to drink in the views that nature has to offer. Explore the country trails, lakes, rivers and gorges, learn about the local flora and fauna and go bird or butterfly watching.

In summer, Greece is at its best. Warm temperatures and gentle sea breezes make daytime beach hunting an enjoyable experience as much as your intriguing nighttime walks. Go island hopping or sail and discover lesser known beaches and coves. If you are a night owl, the nightlife in Greece will give you what you need. Savor local Greek mezedes (sweets) or opt for haute cuisine, try traditional drinks and hang out with friends and family.

For pleasure, for holidays, for work or just for a short stay, Greece is the place to be.

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Greece ― a year-round holiday destination
Greece ― a year-round holiday destination

Meteora, in the northwestern part of Thessaly, is known for its divine and bold rocks.

Greece ― a year-round holiday destination

Leipsoi is a group of islands in the eastern Aegean Sea.

Greece ― a year-round holiday destination

Thessaloniki is a seaside showcase of Greek history.


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