Here are the 9 worst states to live in in 2022

Vermont is considered the best state to live in according to the rankings. Credit:

The US economy is changing. Labor shortages, historically high inflation and social unrest are changing the dynamics of how people act and feel.

The past two years have created greater mobility for work options, as well as a refocus on quality of life. Many Americans had to think long and hard about their priorities and where they wanted to live.


Many people have chosen to migrate to a state that better suits their way of life. But how do they choose where to go? CNBC has rated which states are the worst places to live in 2022. Their ranking measures are called the Life, Health, and Inclusion (LHI) score and include:

  • Crime rate
  • Environmental quality
  • Health care
  • Availability of child care
  • Inclusiveness of State Laws

We don’t understand why “ski terrain availability” wasn’t included in their rankings, but we noticed that there is a correlation. A snow rating has been added to each state based on the number of resorts and skiable acres it has.

#1 Arizona

LHI score: 67 points out of 325. Snow degree: D. 3 resorts, 1,814 acres

CNBC has rated Arizona as the worst state to live in. It had no measurements in the top 50%. Arizona Snowbowl is at least a nice place to ski. Credit:


LHI score: 72 points out of 325. Snow degree: f. 0 resorts, 0 acres

Texas also does not have a metric in the top 50%. Credit:

#3 Oklahoma

LHI score: 79 points out of 325. Snow degree: F. 0 resorts, 0 acres

Oklahoma’s weaknesses were health, health resources, voting rights and inclusiveness. Credit:

#4 South Carolina

LHI score: 83 points out of 325. Snow degree: F. 0 resorts, 0 acres

Caroline from the south
Location: Morris Island. South Carolina scored well on air quality. Credit:

#5 Missouri

LHI score: 89 points out of 325. Snow degree: F. 2 resorts, 90 acres

Crime and the right to vote bring down Missouri. Hidden Valley is one of two ski areas. Credit:

#6 Louisiana

LHI score: 97 points out of 325. Snow degree: F. 0 resorts, 0 acres

Louisiana is also the unhealthiest state in America according to the United Health Foundation. Credit:

#7 New Mexico

LHI score: 101 points out of 325. Snow degree: C. 9 resorts, 4,623 acres

Taos New Mexico
Resorts like Taos Ski Valley give New Mexico at least a C snow rating. Credit: Taos Ski Valley

#8 Indiana

LHI score: 102 points out of 325. Snow degree: F. 2 resorts, 165 acres

paoli peak
Crime is low in Indiana. There are also only two ski areas. Credit:


LHI score: 108 points out of 325. Snow degree: F. 1 resort, 38 acres

tennessee skiing
At least Tennessee has good air quality and skiable terrain. Credit: Ober Gatlinburg FB


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