LEGO Traditional Chinese Festivals 2022 Product Details


LEGO has set up the product pages for the new 2022 LEGO Traditional Chinese Holiday sets that we got a first look at a few days ago. There are two sets in this wave and they include the Lunar New Year Traditions (80108) and the Lunar New Year Ice Cream Festival (80109) and both will be released on January 10th.

Lunar New Year Traditions (80108) – $ 79.99 / 1,066 pieces

Capture the excitement of Lunar New Year family traditions with this colorful LEGO® building set (80108) for ages 8 and up. It features 6 brick scenes full of authentic details, and each depicts different festive activities, including food shopping, lucky decorations, family visits and the exchange of red “Hongbao” envelopes. There are separate building instructions for each of the detailed scenes so the whole family can build together, and the modules can be arranged in a number of ways to create a unique display.

Fun role play
The set includes 12 LEGO minifigures, including the God of Wealth and a family of 6, to bring the scenes to life and allow children to act out their own stories.

Best gifts
Collectible Traditional Festival LEGO building toys make wonderful educational gifts for creative kids and anyone interested in Asian culture. Great for building and playing solo or with friends and family, they are also eye-catching centerpieces.

• Modular Play and Display Set Showcasing Family Lunar New Year Traditions – Kids learn about Chinese New Year customs as they build and have fun with this colorful LEGO® set (80108)
• 12 LEGO® minifigures bring each scene to life: the god of wealth, a merchant, a couple, a man, a girl and a family of 6: dad, mom, grandfather, grandmother, a girl and a boy
• 6 scenes that connect in multiple ways – Each of the 6 modules depicts a festive activity, including spring cleaning, shopping for food, making lucky decorations and exchanging gifts with the family
• Gift Idea for Ages 8 and Up – Give this top-quality 1,066-piece LEGO® building set as a Chinese New Year Christmas gift for avant-garde kids
Build & Display – This centerpiece model for a Lunar New Year celebration measures over 3 ” (9cm) high, 10 ” (27cm) wide and 9 ” (23cm) deep in base formation
• Up to 6 people can build at the same time – The set includes separate illustrated step-by-step instructions for each of the 6 modules, so a family can enjoy the creative experience together

Lunar New Year Ice Festival (80109) – $ 119.99 / 1519 pieces

Get in the mood to party with this LEGO® Lunar New Year Ice Festival (80109) construction set for ages 8 and up. It features a highly detailed winter scene with a frozen brick lake, an equipment rental store, a sweet potato vendor cart, a photo booth, a chun ice sculpture, a vending machine, a penguin-shaped sled, a ski slope, a snowy tree and more.

Build, play and display
The cheerful scene is brought to life by 13 LEGO minifigures, including a person in tiger outfit to mark the Year of the Tiger, plus a penguin minifigure and lots of fun accessories such as ice skates, hockey puck, smartphone, translucent blue penguin ice carving and ice carving tools. The set is fun to build solo or as a family activity and makes a wonderfully playful festive centerpiece.

Great gift ideas
Traditional LEGO Festival Collectible Sets are fantastic gift toys for avant-garde kids and anyone interested in Asian culture, offering exciting building challenges and hours of creative play.

• Lunar New Year’s Play & Presentation Set – Kids can recreate the traditional family fun of a Chinese New Year ice cream festival with this LEGO® (80109) set, featuring a detailed, buildable winter scene
• 13 LEGO® minifigures with lots of accessories – Features a person in tiger outfit to mark the Year of the Tiger, a sweet potato vendor, an ice sculptor, a mom, dad and kids, plus a penguin minifigure
• Buildable Winter Wonderland – A frozen lake, a penguin-shaped sled, a ski slope, an ice chun sculpture, an equipment rental store, a photo booth, a vending machine, a shopping cart. sweet potato vendor and more
• Chinese New Year role-playing activities: rent equipment from the store, skate, play hockey and penguin sledding on the lake, carve ice sculptures, go ice fishing and take photos with penguins
• Gift Toy for Ages 8 and Up – Give this premium 1,519 piece LEGO® building set as a Lunar New Year Christmas gift for creative kids who love to set trends
• Lunar New Year Festive Centerpiece – Lake model measures over 7 ” (17cm) high, 15 ” (39cm) wide and 10 ” (26cm) deep


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