Mammoth Lakes to build 466 affordable homes to fight housing boom


Hello friends. I have some pretty big news to share with you coming out of Mammoth Lakes, CA this morning.

The town of Mammoth Lakes, known for its Mammoth Mountain and June Mountain ski resorts, just announced plans to build 466 affordable housing units that will be made available to the local workforce.

244 of the units will either be occupied or under construction by 2023.

The plans are a response to skyrocketing real estate costs that are effectively making middle-class workers pay in Mammoth Lakes and at ski resorts across America.

I’m a big supporter of affordable housing initiatives at ski resorts, and I’m heartened to see Mammoth Lakes taking such huge steps to address the issue.

Here’s hoping more cities and communities across America follow suit.

Here are the full plans for Mammoth Lakes:

Gateway program

Description: Conversion of 12 market-rate units into affordable deed-restricted units in exchange for providing interested parties with a city-funded grant (average grant: 109,000) Timing: Grant is available right now

The Parcel Project:

Description: Vacant 25-acre city-owned lot with plans for affordable housing, public park and child care. 450 total units started Schedule: Phase 1: 81 apartments Construction in progress // occupancy: fall 2023 Phase 2: 147 units Construction expected to begin summer 2023, currently underway Subsequent phases: 222 affordable units Construction schedule to be continued Phase 2

Development of small sites:

4-unit project, complete by 2023. Limited to households earning 120-150% AMI (cohort most state/federal programs do not allow assistance)

All images courtesy of the Town of Mammoth Lakes


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