Meet Memorial High’s cadet unit, which ranks among the highest in the nation – Port Arthur News


The cadets enrolled in the Navy Reserve Officers Training Corps at Memorial High School constitute one of the best units in the country.

Of 1,578 teams taking part in the National Academic Review earlier this year, Memorial’s came eighth, senior head instructor Chip Fulbright told the Port Arthur Independent School District Board of Trustees this week.

Fulbright brought cadets Ski Brooks, Abigail Castaneda, Maricarmen Velazquez and Ge’Racio Pete.

Emys Torres Cappas was not present but is part of the group.

The instructor explained that the average test score was 78 and that all Memorial students scored above that margin on the exam. Brooks scored a 91, which was one of the highest scores.

Each unit must field a team of five cadets, but may field up to five teams. Fulbright said of the participating schools in Texas, only one scored higher with first- and third-place wins.

The exams cover math, science, social studies, history, military subjects and current affairs.

“We’re so proud of our caddies, and this is the highest we’ve ever finished in our history,” Fulbright said. “This would not have been possible without our cadets receiving quality education and instruction from professional teachers throughout their schooling. Too often we focus on the athletic community and forget that there are stellar individuals who excel in the academic phase of life.

He called it the cornerstone of what have been two very successful years during the COVID pandemic.

Last month, students were able to meet the region’s first African-American “Top Gun” pilot, Lt. Commander Carl Stewart Jr., as he flew into Jack Brooks Regional Airport.

Fulbright said the cadets will go to basic leadership camp in June.

The administrators congratulated the group and wished them the best for their future.


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