More than a million dollars allocated during routine business meetings


SANDPOINT — With the exception of a now-official rezoning review of the Saddle Valley scheduled for April 20, Bonner County commissioners have seen a routine program maintain basic county services, including utility purchases. equipment for several county departments.

Commissioners approved the consent agenda at the start of the meeting containing three minor land divisions, minutes from the previous meeting, an invoice for $6,116.85 from the Bonner County Sheriff’s Office for vests flak and two EMS bills totaling $36,260 for three ambulances. computers and a powerload stretcher.

The Clerk’s Office received approval from the Commissioners for the allocation of $1,027,666.78 for county and emergency medical services claims and expenses per batch of the application.

Claims and Expenses per Demand Batch, Simplified, are current bills, costs, and purchases necessary to maintain county services, including those of emergency medical services.

The Helpdesk presented its annual report to the Commissioners.

The office coordinates volunteers who help care for others in the county who cannot adequately care for themselves.

The annual report was publicly tabled before the commissioners so that the office could communicate its projected needs and expectations for the coming year.

“The Board of Guardians are volunteers [and] they serve people who are unable to make medical or financial decisions on their own,” said Kevin Rothenberger, director of assistance, on Tuesday. “They are court-appointed.”

Rothenberger told the commission that the office had received inquiries from doctors about potential new curators and that there was a need for more volunteers to serve those people or serve on the board. The board of seven volunteer members oversees the affairs of the office.

The commissioners approved the annual report.

The first emergency management item presented to the commission was a grant application along with a letter of intent to update the county’s multi-jurisdictional, all-hazards mitigation plan. The letter of intent is required by the Idaho Office of Emergency Management in order to request the funds, and Bonner County will need to pay one-fourth of the total sum in order to qualify to receive the money. If awarded, the funding will be used to update county disaster preparedness plans for 2022.

Commissioners approved the grant application, along with the in-kind check of $10,800 to qualify.

In another article brought to you by Emergency Management, commissioners approved a memorandum of understanding between the county and Bonner General Health allowing them to store their mobile alternative care trailer at the airport when not in use. The deal also includes an agreement that Bonner General Health will be able to move the trailer to other locations if the need arises.

The recreation department discussed the day use site at Garfield Bay, including installing a food truck at the site.

Commissioners have approved permission to license G-Dubs Concessions LLC, a local restaurant, to operate a popular public access food truck. The special use permit will allow the restaurant to operate on the site from May 1 to October 1. Additionally, the county is allowed to charge a fee of $10 for each day the business operates on the site.

Provided the Panhandle Health District approves the operation, G Dub’s Chief Shack will be in Garfield Bay this summer.

The planning department has won commission approval to enter into a $672,747 bond agreement with South Ridge Ski to complete construction of 24 lots in the Alpine Village near Schweitzer Mountain Ski Resort. If South Ridge Ski is unable to complete the development, the bond agreement will go into effect and the county may complete the project with the funds provided by the agreement.

A surety agreement is a promise between two parties to achieve a common goal and is typically used in large financial transactions, construction projects, or posting a bond. In these agreements, physical goods or other guarantees are included to “ensure” that the objective of the agreement is achieved. If one party fails to comply with the agreement, the other party is entitled to take over the guarantee and use it to achieve the agreed result.

Stewards have approved the bond agreement with South Ridge Ski to complete the alpine subdivision.

The final item on the main agenda saw commissioners approve the inclusion on the agenda of a forthcoming meeting on April 20 of the rezoning of the Selle Valley by 714 acres, agricultural/forestry minimums of 20 acres to 10 acre agricultural/forestry minimums.

Subsequently, Commissioner Chair Dan McDonald suspended the meeting before reconvening for an executive session. The commissioners discussed three items during the closed portion of the meeting: two items from the human resources department regarding hiring and another regarding personnel. The last item dealt with ongoing litigation. Although it was not specified which department brought the case to the commission, it is understood that such cases are usually brought to the prosecutor’s office.

Those interested in volunteering or learning more about Bonner County Assistance can do so by logging on to their website at


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