Our top athletics picks for 2022


The world is less formal these days. Almost everywhere in public, from the gym to the store to the classroom, you’re likely to see people leaning into the athleisure trend, which emphasizes comfort and performance above all else. Fortunately, the era of schlubby tracksuits is over. Now you can look and feel good all day long. Here are some of our favorite picks from the booming category.

Adsum Classic Logo Sweatshirt ($165)

(Photo: Courtesy of Adsum)

Your athleisure drawer would be understocked without a durable cotton sweatshirt. This heavyweight crew is beautifully simple, and the brushed cotton interior makes it comfortable enough to stay in for an entire three-day weekend. (S–XL)

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Fjällräven Abisko Tights ($175)

(Photo: Courtesy of Fjällräven)

These don’t look out of place in any trendy cafe, but they’re definitely high-tech. A polyamide blend, plus knee and rear reinforcements, make the Abisko the only casual wear tester who will use it for ski mountaineering in the spring. (XXS–XXL women, XS–XXXL men)

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Bunny Men’s EZ T-Shirt ($45)

(Photo: Courtesy Rabbit)

The EZ Tee was the plushest and best performing tee we tested, thanks to its incredibly soft and stretchy polyester-spandex fabric. Although it looks like a casual cotton t-shirt, it kicked on runs over ten miles. (S–XXL)

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Women’s Electa Prana Shorts ($59)

(Photo: Courtesy of Prana)

Considered the best lycra shorts tester tried this year, the Electa impressed with several features: an extra-wide waistband, a mid-thigh length, a pair of cleverly designed two-compartment pockets for storing various valuables and a triangular gusset that facilitates deep yoga poses. . (XS–XL)

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Women’s Halo Performance Vuori Hoodie ($89)

(Photo: Courtesy of Vuori)

As soft as a week-old puppy, the Halo has all the benefits of a classic hoodie, minus the schlub factor. Testers loved the breathability and stretch of the polyester-spandex blend under a shell. (XXS–XXL)

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AllBirds R&R Track Pants ($98)

(Photo: Hannah McCaughey)

AllBirds shoes are known for their comfort, and these joggers follow suit. A magical blend of cotton, hemp and Tencel moves like a synthetic but still has the feel and durability of natural materials. (XS–XXXL)

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Charcoal Provo Hat ($32)

(Photo: Courtesy of Charcoal)

We had a hard time removing this airy cap. Made with synthetic materials and a simple elastic adjustment system, it adapts to a variety of different head shapes.

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Bömbas Black Hive Collection Quarter Socks ($12.50)

(Photo: Courtesy of Bombas)

Thanks to the elastic arch support, these socks didn’t slip on our longest runs, and the weight was just right: warm on chilly mornings without feeling bulky. (S–XL)

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Bn3th Men’s Entourage Underwear ($35)

(Photo: Courtesy Bn3th)

Details like the wide waistband and chafe-free seam placement made the Entourage so comfortable that testers wore it to sleep, as well as for hours after their toughest workouts. (XXS–XXL)

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NoBull Quilted Sweater ($98)

(Photo: Hannah McCaughey)

This sweater is the most aesthetically pleasing use of synthetic insulation we’ve seen in ages. The loft bumps generate incredible heat under a shell but are still breathable enough for kettlebell sessions. (Men S–XL, Women XS–XL)

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