Powderhorn Mountain Resort prepares for opening day


MESA, Colo. (KREX) – With unusually warm temperatures for the season, teams have been working hard to prepare for the opening of Powderhorn Mountain Resort, just in time for opening day.

Ryan Robinson of Powderhorn Mountain Resort said: “One of our favorite days of the year is opening day, the early season temperatures and lack of snow were tough, but the mountain teams have worked really hard to get a run, bills run to open the peacemaker open and ready for release tomorrow.

Warmer temperatures mean crews will only open about 20 acres tomorrow.

To produce snow in the midst of the drought, the resort will rely heavily on a new gravity snowmaking system that will allow it to open up more area.

Robinson also says, “In regular preparation for any season, we love, we use artificial snow, we use fans, and we use water from the top of the great mesa. Ideally, we liked that mixed in with natural snowfall, but this year we’ve had unusually warm temperatures for the season, so we’re relying entirely on man-made snow this season, at least for opening day.

Even with the new system, warming temperatures will only allow them to open one sleeve at the moment.

Robinson also says, “It’s a big part of western Colorado culture and getting together with family and friends. Put that ski equipment back on the mountain. It’s our favorite time of year.


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