Ski Safety Group disbands after 3 years due to poor industry support

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In June 2019, the Alliance for Skier and Rider Responsibility was formed. The non-profit group was formed after the founder broke both of her legs while taking a ski lesson when a snowboarder hit her. Their goal was to make the trails safer for everyone on the hill.

Now, after three years, the organization is disbanding. Despite hard work, ski resorts and related organizations simply did not support the work they were trying to accomplish. This was disheartening, as their goal was not to promote slower zones or govern runner behavior. They were just trying to raise awareness. When they couldn’t identify ways to handle the disconnect, they decided it was time to quit.

Based on the first results of the survey, the group focused its first efforts on the “responsibility code” for skiers and snowboarders. They found knowledge and awareness of the code to be mediocre at best. Simply making everyone aware of the code could increase security.

More runners are unaware of mountain codes due to lack of signage and fewer people taking lessons due to expense. Credit:

The idea was to start in Summit County, CO, and grow from there. They succeeded in having the responsibility code displayed on the Summit Stage buses. This was paid for by Summit Mountain Rentals and Summit Resort Group, with the Alliance for Skier and Rider Responsibility getting credit. From there, they hoped to display the code in hotels, stores, rental cars, clothing tags, and anywhere else they could think of. However, the momentum never gathered momentum.

It was this lackluster response that did not warrant continuing as an organization.

There is no doubt that the organization was trying to do a good job. I hope someone can continue on the road. Perhaps ski resorts will take more responsibility for ensuring their visitors are well-informed on how to protect themselves and others.

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