Taos Ski Valley, NM, first resort in North America to use an all-electric snowcat

PistenBully 100 E. Credit: PistenBully

Taos Ski ValleyNM, has just taken a major step in its commitment to be net zero by 2030 by being the first ski resort in North America to announce that it will deploy an all-electric PistenBully snowcat. The Kässbohrer 100 E is a state-of-the-art snowcat that will be used to prepare the slopes of Taos for the next ski season. The snowcat is just the latest in a series of significant investments Taos has made to dramatically reduce emissions from grooming and snowmaking and a variety of other energy-saving investments.

Grooming is a major operational effort for any ski resort, with snowcats deployed daily before and throughout the ski season to prepare the slopes for skiers and snowboarders. Taos has already invested in high-efficiency snowmaking and grooming equipment that consumes significantly less energy. With the new all-electric snowcat, the resort further demonstrates its commitment to sustainability and its B Corp promise to use business as a force for good.

“Our mantra is to be better, not bigger, and this investment exemplifies that. Achieving net zero carbon emissions is the right thing to do for our community, our local environment and the entire leisure industry. outdoors, which is on the front lines of the climate crisis.We are grateful to the teams at PistenBully and Kässbohrer All-Terrain Vehicles who partnered with us and worked to help us secure this new snowcat.

– David Norden, CEO of Taos Ski Valley

The PistonBully 100 E uses a 126 kWh battery and can run for four hours per charge. Taos plans to install specialized charging stations in strategic locations on the mountain and has already installed 20 electric vehicle charging stations for customers and the local community. Taos secures its electricity through the Kit Carson Electric Cooperative, so electricity used during the day at EV charging stations is generated by solar panels, furthering the station’s net zero commitment. Kit Carson Electric will be 100% daytime solar in June 2022.

“Whether it’s caterpillars, food composters that significantly reduce food waste and associated methane gas, the LEED certification of our award-winning hotel, or our unwavering commitment to healthy forests and waterways, we refuse to compromise on environmental sustainability. We must ensure that this mountain community remains a viable and thriving outdoor respite for generations to come.

–David Norden

Taos is a three-time winner of the National Ski Areas Association (NSAA) Golden Eagle Award, which recognizes ski resorts for their environmental initiatives. In 2021, the final year of the awards, Taos was recognized for its impact on climate change and overall environmental excellence.

The new PistonBully 100 E is expected to be delivered to Taos in the first quarter of 2023 and deployed on the mountain during the Winter 23 ski season.


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