Tawatinaw Ski Patrol Wins Prestigious Award


WESTLOCK – Against 11 rival teams from resorts like Sunshine and Lake Louise, the Canadian Tawatinaw Valley Ski Patrol climbed to the top and won gold in the first aid portion of the Mountain Division First Aid and On event Snow Training (FAST) 2022.

Held at Marmot Basin on April 8-9, the event began with hill training sessions on Friday followed by FAST events (morning first aid and afternoon running) on ​​Day 2 — Patrol Leader Tawatinaw Lori Latreille said the five-member team included herself, Courtney Muller, Val Bessette, Ashlyn Latreille and Alexa Biro.

In their hunt for gold in the first aid competition, it was the job of Lori, who has eight years on the ski patrol, along with Ashlyn and Biro, who both have two years experience, to get a patient in the slide. then on an ungroomed black diamond trail. Muller, a 13-year-old patrol veterinarian, acted as the group’s evaluator, while Bessette, who has been on patrol for six years, was the patient who, in the script, had a broken pelvis and broken collarbone.

“We were scared to compete because it had been a long time and the three of us who were competing had never done it before,” Lori said. “It was my first time tobogganing on an ungroomed black (diamond) run in the mountains, so it was quite overwhelming because if you get it wrong it will end up in a real injury.

“We were surprised to get the gold medal. We did well, but there are other people there who were very well qualified.

Lori said while they were “quite proud” of the trophy – a plaque now hangs in their ski patrol room in Tawatinaw – the result serves as an “affirmation” for the group. By the way, the members of the Tawatinaw Ski Patrol are unpaid and strictly volunteers.

“I think that’s the takeaway from everyone who uses our little hill. They are qualified and well-trained people who take care of you if something happens,” Lori said. “Volunteering is really important to me. My children and my family have benefited a lot from the presence of the ski resort, so it is a way of giving back.

George Blais, TownandCountryToday.com


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