The Bears pulled out ugly orange helmets, capping a terrible offseason


There’s very little stable in the Bears these days.

They have a new general manager and coach (Ryan Poles and Matt Eberflus). They officially leave Soldier Field, regardless of the wacky plans to keep them. And, despite what they say they believe about Justin Fields, they haven’t exactly set him up to succeed.

But all of Chicago’s turmoil and uncertainty almost certainly pales in comparison to their latest uniform reveal. As the NFL relaxes a rule mandating the same helmet every week, teams across the league have started to get more creative with their metal caps.

On Sunday, the Bears revealed they’ll be having fun with new orange helmets — slated for clashes with Commanders and Cowboys later this NFL season. And let’s say they let their creativity loose a little too far:

Oh my God. My eyes. They are burning! Orange is a color less is more, not the other way around! Well, do star players like Roquan Smith at least look good in the orange helmet?

No. It did not relieve me at all!

Two questions to the folks designing the Bears wires and gear: Has anyone thought of maybe…a white helmet with an orange C on it? And did you all think you were playing football, not making cameos on Nickelodeon?

Nope? Hala? Hala? Hala?

This is going to show you that no matter how terrible a team’s offseason can be, they can always make it worse with a hideous new aesthetic. Looking awful, feeling even worse and playing like one of the worst teams in the league.


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