Tom Butler and the search for Cornwall’s ‘Wildest Wave’


A little treat tonight on TV and on BBC IPlayer, Tom Butler towed by Adam Griffiths takes on The Stones, a legendary bombshell behind Godrevy in Cornwall.

As you know Tom has surfed some of the biggest waves in the world – Mully, Nazare etc. Zorbas’s bait (another Mythic Bomb off Crantock) set him searching for big waves off Cornwall last winter.

Trouble, those waves are temperamental and it wasn’t a record year for huge pumping swells and offshores, so Tom spent most of the winter waiting. Then finally, in February, his chance presented itself and he headed to the Stones with Bearman, a large security team of paramedics, security boats and rescue jet skis. When they arrive, it looks like the mission will fail. But as the tide turns, something magical happens and The Stones lights up.

The reef of stones is a notorious reef, two miles off St Ives, which has claimed the lives of many sailors. It’s strange, a bell on a buoy rings, there are huge currents, it makes sharks and big creatures (Porbeagles) hide below. A few surfers have been there before, but it’s not recommended without the right crew, training and equipment.

We caught up with Tom to ask him about the shoot and the assignment.


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