Two SSWSC Nordic Athletes Qualify For Norwegian Ski Camp

Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club skier Wally Magill competes at the National Junior Cross Country Championships in Donner Pass, Calif., in March 2020. Magill will represent the Winter Sports Club with Trey Jones at the Norwegian International Junior Camp in August.
Brian Tate/Courtesy Photo

Two Nordic skiers from the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club have qualified for the Norwegian International Junior Camp which will take place from August 5-12.

The ski camp is open to cross-country skiers worldwide and in the United States, the top five male skiers and top five female skiers under the age of 20 qualified based on their combined FIS distance and sprint points .

Wally Magill, 19, and Trey Jones, 17, of Steamboat each finished in the top five for this qualifier and won tickets to Norway.

“It’s a huge honor to be selected, but I’m also proud to have worked hard to get the opportunity to go,” said Magill.

The camp will consist of several training sessions of running, hiking and roller skiing alongside the world’s best cross-country skiers and Norwegian coaches.

Norway is the birthplace of skiing and it is an important part of the culture there. This camp will help instill in these athletes a whole new love for the sport and give them a chance to learn and build friendships with other junior athletes from some of the best skiing countries in the world.

“The coolest part of this camp is the fact that we can train very closely with the other nations,” Jones said. “That’s what really sets this camp apart from other camps because we ski very close to the other athletes and that’s really helpful.”

One thing Magill and Jones look forward to during camp is the bog. Athletes will run through the muddy wetlands which will act as resistance in their run and provide a fun way for them to train.

Prior to camp in Norway, Magill and Jones will travel to Sweden for a week to train with other members of the US National Cross-Country Ski and Snowboard Team. They will use this time to train in a snow ski tunnel as well as doing dry land training in the afternoon.

Steamboat has already seen two athletes attend this ski camp with SSWSC alumni Noel Keeffe and Wyatt Gebhardt, who both attended the camp in 2018.

SSWSC coach Josh Smullin is very proud of the work Magill and Jones have done to get this far and earn their place in camp.

“It’s a huge week of training and learning and seeing where you stack up against all the other bests in the world,” Smullin said.


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