Western Montana ski resorts open for the season


MISSOULA – In western Montana, local favorite ski areas can finally open and with the recent snowfall we wanted to check the opening dates.

Discovery Ski Area told us that they weren’t sure when they exactly opened, but that they are monitoring the slope conditions every day. The Lost Trail ski area announced its opening on Thursday after receiving 15 “of snowfall in the last 24 hours. Snowbowl has yet to release an opening date.

However, our friends at Lookout Pass opened for the weekend, giving skiers and runners a bit of a tease before they opened for seasonal operations. They say they have had a successful weekend and are ready for the season to finally begin after a slow start.

“You know what, you’ll be pretty impressed,” Lookout Pass ski area spokesperson Matt Sawyer said. “The front of the mountain is really impressive. It’s completely covered. We’ve had about 40″ of snow in the last five to six days. One to two inches, since we opened this morning until tonight, that’s what’s on the cards. Three to five inches for tomorrow. So very snowy, looks good, but I had a lot of fun. We had some powder turns on opening day. “

All stations will update the terms through their social media pages.


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