Woodward Park City Named Official Training Center for Skiing and Snowboarding in the United States


Turns out, we won’t have to wait until 2030 or 2034 to see the Olympians shred the slopes in the Park City area.

In Park City, there’s always a chance that the person passing you on the hill is an incognito Olympian. But the odds of that happening in years to come at Woodward Park City’s terrain parks just skyrocketed.

Wednesday, Woodward announced that it is an official training facility for skiing and snowboarding in the United States through 2025. This means athletes training for the 2026 Games in Italy will hone very probably their trade between Pinebrook and Summit Park.

Matt Peterson, director of marketing and brand for Woodward Mountain Centers, said the organization is proud to have earned the designation.

“It’s a big deal,” Peterson said. “We are thrilled to have been named the official training facility for the US Ski and Snowboard Teams. Woodward has a long history of empowering and empowering the next generation of action sports athletes. And to get the highest genre designation in the country, it’s just, it’s something we’re really proud of.

Woodward Park City joins Woodward’s facilities in Copper, Colorado in being named official training centers.

Peterson said it was not a paid sponsorship, but something that was granted because of the investment Woodward has made in his facilities. He talked about the 22-foot Olympic-grade halfpipe, big air jumps and other training grounds that set Woodward apart.

“We earned this designation because we invested in these facilities which are unique in the world of action sports,” he said. “So, for example, Park City’s 60,000 square foot indoor facility is unlike anything the world has seen.”

He mentioned the investments Woodward has made in the next generation of freestyle athletes. These include smaller terrain parks – called progression parks – all the way to competition jumps.

“What’s so unique about Woodward and this new relationship is that you’ll have a kid, a local kid, who’s a budding athlete but just new to the sport and a youngster, and they will train alongside someone who is doing well. at the Olympics, like a Joss Christensen or a Red Gerard,” Peterson said.

Qualifying for the men’s snowboard slopestyle competition, which Gerard is expected to compete in, begins on Sunday.


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